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Since my last report in October where I explained the Municipality of Grey Highlands chose to Vest the property known as Talisman Resort, much has happened around the property.  You can no longer drive up to or around the three main buildings as there are now large concrete blocks closing off the south entrance from 7A Sideroad.  A large steel gate system has been erected at the north end of the parking lots that can only be accessed by permission from the authorities holding the keys.  Even if you choose to walk around the gates and get close to the buildings, they have all been boarded up and cameras have been installed to keep a check on unwelcome rodents, both 2 and 4 legged ones.  So for now, Mother Nature and everything else can no longer linger in the hall ways of this broken sole.  Safe and sound she sits so sad waiting for life to be re-injected into her veins. 

While the property is now secure and there is little visible activity around the property, there has been a great deal going on behind the scenes.  Publically, through the Municipal Website and local newspapers, the Municipality invited the public to apply to join a group of local citizens to form an advisory board to come up with options to move the resort forward whereby it could possibly be a focal point of the entire area.  A group of individuals from the County of Grey were invited by the Municipality to chair a selection committee to interview twenty or so who came forward and threw their hats into the ring. After a day or so of interviews, the committee decided that 7 individuals would be selected and presented to council for consideration.  Overwhelming, council agreed to take all 7.  All of which having different backgrounds and hopefully a wide variety of ideas which can be formulated into offerings for Council to consider.  So what are the options and what is the criteria the Municipality is looking for?  Well, as one of the selected 7, I will try to keep you posted.  Our first meeting is scheduled for Friday December 13th.  Now this is where you come in…  I would like all of you who read this article to come up with your top 3 or 4 ideas as to the direction the property should take.  Anything and everything will be on the table for these meetings and I want you to be creative.  Email me your ideas at I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you.   I have to go skiing in Panorama British Columbia from the 4th until the 11th but I’ll respond to your emails as soon as I get back.  See you all next year when I write my next column.  Cheers! 

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