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Talisman, The Saga Continues
By Russell Severnuk

My article back in December focused on Talisman Resort and the hope that lied ahead with many options floating around the rumour mill as to what it would become.  Everyone around the Beaver Valley held their breath in anticipation of the tax sale on the old lady.  Who will take it over? What will they do with it?  It would all be good after the 13th of December 2012 when the new owner would be announced.

Well, life is not that simple.

I guess there should be no surprise that it did not go as smooth as we all anticipated.  In fact the whole thing went sideways and in the process, the Municipality ended up with plenty of egg on their face.

The owners came back to the Municipality at the 11th hour and convinced the powers to be in our local government that they would "Redeem" their debt and pay the back taxes, which they have the right to do.  Where the egg on the face of our Municipality comes in, is the fact that they allowed the owners to have another month to get the funds together and it would be paid by the middle of January.  Well, the middle of January came and went and nothing was paid.  By the 20th or so of January, it was clear the Municipality had been played and had to once again begin the process of putting Talisman up for auction.

Meanwhile back at the resort, the owners were busy cleaning the place out for whatever they could sell.  I am told by neighbours of the resort that on a Sunday in January there were a number of large flatbed and transport trucks backed up to the resort taking what they could.  Snow making equipment was sold to a private ski club on the escarpment, leaving whoever takes over the property no ability to make snow for the ski hills.  Will this diminish the potential buyers? You bet!  Anyone who is thinking of making a bid for the property to turn it back on will now have to consider the extra expenses of buying new snow making equipment.  Not only did they take things from the resort, but they didn't even close the doors when they left!  I have heard from many people that the doors are wide open and Mother Nature is having her way with the interior of the buildings.

The big date to consider for this resort is now March 4th 2013.  That is when any new bids will be opened and we will know if a new owner is selected.  But after the last go around, will anyone bid again?  Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I have also heard from people around the area that there were a number of bids back in December 2012 that were returned and some of those people out of frustration will not be back a second time. Who can blame them?

As much as I would like to get excited once again about the prospects of this beautiful, grand property, in what might be one of the best locations in Ontario, I have to take a back seat to the process and just see what happens.  At this point, nothing will surprise me but I can only hope the Municipality plays their card a little better.

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