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Russ' Rant - Let the Games Begin!

By: Russell Severnuk

TalismanIt was a bright sunny morning in the Beaver Valley June 2nd, 2014 and few people knew this was about to be the beginning of a new chapter in our sleepy community.  A Monday that marked the beginning of what we all hope will be a great make over at the resort once known as Talisman.  The Agreement to Purchase, money changing hands and the closing dates now in the rear view mirror, the first of a mold remediation crew begin to arrive on site.  Not quite sure what they’ll find and what to expect but just the same, everyone is excited about getting to work at breathing life back into this area icon.  It’s taken just over three years for a new direction at the resort property since it closed and many people seem quite relieved that something good is about to happen. 

While the final decision to sell the property has been welcomed in the community, it does not come without controversy.  After sitting on the task force for almost 4 full months, some of my fellow members feel their work was for not.  The recommendations made to council were mostly overlooked as the municipality had to make some tough choices….  Follow the recommendations of the task force and employ a process of selling the property on the open market or cut your losses and work with the bird in the hand.  As a local business person, I can see the reasons to sell quickly and stop the financial bleeding to the tax payers.  I also feel for those who would have preferred the alternative to ensure all or at least most of the recommendations would have been met.  Further, there would have been transparency in the process and possibly more assurances that financial viability would not lead to us going through this process again in four or five years.  All very valid issues however, with more than one interested party working behind the scenes I fully support the decision made by council and the municipality to move the sale of Talisman forward as soon as possible.

As promised by the new owners of the resort property lead by Mr. Brian Ellis, local labour has been hired for the first phase of re-development and training began at 8am sharp with a full room of enthusiastic guys itching to get at it.  For the next couple months lead by Art Robinson, President of “sick Building Solutions” the crew will systematically remove all evidence of mold allowing the next group to come in and redesign and outfit the balance of the interior and exterior of all three existing buildings.  

So what does this mean for the area?  From a real estate point of view, I can only see positive results as the process at Talisman moves forward.  This might be a good time to purchase in the area before the word gets out that Talisman is back in full glory.  Certainly worth a little consideration.  Give me a call and we’ll talk about it. 1-800-861-7289

Cheers for now.

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