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Faces of the Valley: Martha and Ed
By Stephanie Park

Some families come to the beautiful Beaver Valley area to enjoy a calm and quiet life, others come to relish in the unique recreational opportunities that this area has to offer. For this family, having a second home in the Valley has only enhanced their highly active lifestyles.

After purchasing a ten acre property in the area two years ago, Martha and Ed immediately fell in love with the simplicity of their home. Martha and Ed lead busy lives in their home in Waterloo as they fill their days with work, errands and community obligations. With two demanding careers, Martha as a physiotherapist and Ed as a lawyer, having a home away from home provides an escape from their busy weekday lives.

When asked what initially drew their family to this area, Martha states that they wanted to be able to "get up and back in one day" and to experience all that this four season area offers to active people. In warm months, they enjoy hiking the Bruce Trail on the edge of their property, cycling to Collingwood, playing soccer and trying out the archery range in their backyard. In cold months, the family can be found downhill skiing at the Beaver Valley Ski Club, snowshoeing, and spending time with family and friends.

They are life long athletes that thoroughly enjoy the recreational activities available in this area and the beautiful natural settings surrounding them. They travel from Waterloo every weekend in the winter season and even spend Christmas holidays in their chalet. During the summer, they often use their chalet to split up the drive to their cottage in Muskoka. This summer, their son Matthew is making full time use of their second home and is truly enjoying hiking, gardening and learning to be self sufficient. Martha states that in this area "you can go back to a simpler life" and that there is "luxury in simplicity."

It is this tranquil mentality that has allowed them to find absolute contentment with their life in the Beaver Valley area. Martha expressed that "we just enjoy our ten acres of property" when they are up for the weekend and that they spend as much time as possible outdoors with their family. During windy days this summer they look forward to flying kites and during calm days they love to play badminton and archery together. When they are not busy exploring the great outdoors, they treat themselves to supper at the Flying Chestnut in Eugenia.

It is evident that the entire family has created a strong connection with Beaver Valley and that their love of nature contributes greatly to their love of this area. Martha enjoys being able to "walk and walk and see nobody." This truly is an escape for the couple as they leave their busy city lives behind and instead lay in their hammock or embark on a cycling trip. When asked to compare their lifestyle in Waterloo to their weekend getaways in Beaver Valley, Martha expresses that she likes to "get out of the rat race in the city."

After just over two years of relaxing weekends here, Martha and Ed are beginning to look forward to their retirement in this area. Although they have no ambitions to retire for at least ten years, Martha states that "I can see us retiring hereā€¦[because] it allows you to escape a bit more." Even as Martha and Ed eagerly await calling their weekend getaway their permanent residency, they are still able to spend the weekdays anticipating the great weekend ahead and to spend the weekends in their paradise.

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