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Faces of the Valley - Judy & Ted
By: Jayeden Walker

Located down a long tree lined driveway sits the beautiful home of Judy and Ted Redford comfortably enclosed within the dark greens of the surrounding forest. The couple has been living in this area since the summer of 2002, although they were well acquainted with their surroundings long before moving here.

Like many who come to love the area, they were first introduced to the landscape through its year round recreation. They have skied at the local clubs since '81 but never dreamt that they would end up living here. Their house hunt first started the winter that Ted tore his ACL. Due to his injury he was unable to ski and consequently began exploring the local area during the ski day. After Judy got off the hill for the day Ted would take her to all of the new places that he had found. Eventually their friends began buying property in the area, and the location evolved to become one that was more familiar and welcoming than the busy city life that they were used to. Judy described the change that she felt coming up on Friday nights "it felt like I [was] coming home" she recounted. That was when the couple began to start seriously looking for houses. They hired a real-estate agent to show them a few properties but were unable to find anything that inspired them. Then they found their perfect property. Unfortunately the house was purchased the following week before the Redford's were able to put in an offer. This disappointment temporarily halted their search for a house. Until, a year later their dream home once again was put up on the market. Figuring that Karma was on their side, they quickly put in an offer and were pleased to finally have the house that they had fallen in love with.

Ted describes the area as a "hidden valley" and states that "until people see it they don't realize that it is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world". This hidden valley has provided both their children and grandchildren a place to relax and play in the trees. But the grandchildren aren't the only ones having fun, both Ted and Judy take full advantage of the recreation that is provided by their local surroundings and enjoy the benefits of cycling, golfing, hiking and snowshoeing in and around the beautiful beaver valley. Although Judy a former teacher, was an involved member of the Kimberly Community Association for five years, her main focus now is being a grandparent to her five young grandchildren. Ted, who was once a geodesic builder and project supervisor for the second largest pit mine in the world, is happy for the time to relax with a lighter workload these days. However they both enjoy a vibrant social life and still can't get over how friendly the community is. The only thing that the couple cited as needing improvement in the area was that they would like to see the Talisman property restored. Judy recalled that it was such a beautiful property, and that it seems like a tragedy that it's going to waste in its current state.   

As the couple takes me outside to see their gardens I can't help but feel relaxed surrounded by so much green. You can hear water running in the background, a nearby stream, and the birds and chipmunks are so friendly that they will come right up on to the deck while you are sitting there. For Ted and Judy Redford this escape to nature provides them with a truly tranquil place to enjoy recreation and relaxation in a natural setting.

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