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Four Seasons, Four Couples
By Stephanie Park

It is rare to find a place that you can truly appreciate when the leaves fall to the ground, when the branches are covered in snow and when the leaves begin to reappear. One common element among those that have relocated to Beaver Valley and for those that have always resided here, are the ample opportunities that the area provides year round. From the powdery slopes in the winter to the scenic trails in the summer, this area is full of breathtaking experiences every month of the year.

After speaking with four couples with diverse backgrounds, the one commonality that they shared is their love for the four seasons in Beaver Valley.

Don Gauer and Dorris Heffron truly enjoy the outdoors and have learned to embrace the beauty of nature even more after moving to the area. During the spring and summer months, Dorris and Don play tennis with local couples on their tennis court. They also enjoy swimming in their pool and hiking the many trails surrounding their property. In the winter months, Dorris begins each morning with a long hike or by skiing down the beautiful slopes nearby. No matter the season, Don loves cooking supper on the barbeque that is perched on their beautiful deck overlooking a magnificent view.

With the ample activities available to them all year long, it is no wonder that Don and Dorris chose this location based on the seasons. Dorris explains that "it is the four seasons that made this the right place to be because you can do everything. You don't need to go anywhere else to enjoy the summer or winter." For Dorris and Don, their permanent residency in this area has filled their lives with true happiness and a keen sense of the outdoors.

Similar to Don and Dorris' love for the ever-changing weather in this area, Bob and Erika Gillis were also drawn to Beaver Valley because there was so much to do all year long. Bob has made many friends throughout the years within the various recreational activities that he pursues. In the winter, Bob can be found playing hockey in Thornbury on Sunday mornings. In the summer, he spends the morning with his friends on a peaceful motorcycle ride through the scenic routes. Erika also takes advantage of all that each season has to offer. She enjoys hiking in the warm months and snowshoeing when the snow has fallen. Like Don and Dorris, Bob and Erika are quick to point out that they were drawn to this area because "it is every season."

Bob Gillis compares life in Beaver Valley to cottages in stating that "unlike a cottage that is one season, you can do a bit of everything here." This is the same mentality that John and Cindy Crean shared when they purchased property in this area. The Creans originally purchased a weekend home in Beaver Valley for the snowy winters that they enjoy so much. By quickly familiarizing themselves with the area and falling in love with the vast opportunities it has to offer, John admits that they originally came for the winter but now enjoy the summer here just as much.

After growing up going to a cottage in the summer, John compares the cottage option to having property here. He states that Beaver Valley "offers year round recreation...that you don't get in summer recreation areas." His family spends the weekends hiking and cycling in the summer and fill their weekends with skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Denise and Daryl Hall were also drawn to this location for the amazing winters on the ski slopes. The couple loves skiing and became familiar with the region through their ski trips. After becoming a permanent resident of Kimberley, Denise now enjoys snowshoeing and skiing in the area. In the summer months, she spends a great deal of time hiking on the Bruce Trail. When asked why people chose to retire here, Denise commented that "the main thing is the four season activities." It is apparent that Denise and Daryl have truly embraced each and every element of the four seasons since they moved here.

These four couples truly encapsulate the connection that many locals and new residents share for the area. Their passion for the outdoors has greatly enhanced since locating to an area that has tennis and swimming in the summer, skiing and snowshoeing in the winter and hiking trails all year long. It is vital for humans to build a connection to the nature surrounding them and it is evident that life in Beaver Valley allows people to not only build that connection, but to maintain a love for nature during every season.

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